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About Company

As the name of the company suggests, Southern DataStream is a provider of data services related to water systems. The core product area is water research services, including hydrologic and water quality data collection, results analysis, software development, and scientific reporting. The company is a also offering general web-based information delivery systems services as these supplemental services are of the large demand. The more ambitious plans call however for performing a mechanism for subsidizing the slower-growing research services business.

The water research services business was selected because it is Dr. Capece's area of expertise and because his experience within the state university system showed a market gap between the roles of traditional engineering/scientific consulting firms and traditional governmental agencies and universities. The concept of Southern DataStream is to operate much like a university research program with a primary scientist directing the work of a very few technical support staff members and a larger number of graduate student-level assistants.

Unlike a university, however, the primary scientist will not be burdened with the administrative limitations and obligations found in the university/governmental structures.

The company is located in LaBelle (Hendry County), an agricultural region and citrus capital of Florida. LaBelle is located approximately 30 miles east from Fort Myers or 120 miles west from Miami. Click here for detailed office map location.

The president of Southern DataStream is John C. Capece. John Capece holds a Ph.D. in agricultural engineering from University of Florida (1994) as well as B.S.E. (1982) and M.E. (1984) degrees from U.F. in the same specialization. As water quality engineer at UF-IFAS Southwest Florida Research and Education Center (SWFREC) between 1994 and 1999, Dr. Capece conducted research and extension programs on watershed processes including hydrology and chemical transport.

Duties included cooperative studies with soil science, agricultural engineering, and faculty dealing with citrus, vegetables, sugarcane, and forages at SWFREC, and with other scientists in the University system and in other governmental agencies. For complete information on this research and extension program click here.

Internship Program

Since 1999, more than 201 participants from 51 nations have been hosted in our organization and joined our group for high quality trainings.

The program can be joined by students and young professionals, who pursue or have already obtained qualification in these areas:

  • engineering

  • computer science and related fields

  • journalism

  • management, marketing and finances

  • natural/environmental sciences

  • education

  • law

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to join the program, but not sure whether your academic background is quite a match. We have hosted a wide range of applicants and will do our best to offer you an internship that would fit your needs and professional career preferences.

Take a look at the positions we offer, what our former interns have said, and also all the fun our interns are having in SW Florida!

Still interested in some more information? Then, you are welcome to view presentation describing the current SDS internship program as well as visit YouTube web-page to view the short video about our program.

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