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Internship, Professional Experience & Career Development Program

Below is just a brief introduction to our Internship Program, for most complete information please refer to FAQ page
Company Outline

As the name of organization suggests, Southern DataStream (SDS) is a provider of data services related to water systems. The core product area is water research services, including hydrologic and water quality data collection, results analysis, software development, and scientific reporting.                                                                                                                                                                        more...  

Internship Program

We have an exciting and challenging internship program for students pursuing degrees in a variety of different areas. Since December 1999 more than 190 students and young professionals from 50 nations participated in our program.

We're looking for students pursuing degrees in engineering (civil, mechanical, environmental, chemical and others), computer science (or closely related areas), urban and utility planning, who also enjoy multicultural environment.

We're also looking for talented undergrads and grads, interested in journalism, advertising, management or marketing, willing to enhance their skills in these above mentioned areas.

If you like working on challenging and life-changing problems in an environment that respects creative approaches and solutions, a Southern DataStream internship is for you!

Take a look at the internship positions we offer, what our former interns have said, and all the fun our interns are having in SW Florida!

What We Offer

         Opportunities within Engineering:

  • Perform field measurement tests according to specified methodology

  • Analyze received lab results

  • Document all activities in field logs or field data sheets, identify and document potential quality control problems, develop new procedures for reducing them

  • Assist in site evaluation, site zoning research, site planning, permitting and project turnovers to construction including photographing/mapping of the  surrounding spaces, develop designs

  • Assist professional architects to produce CAD drawings of various types

  • Design and conduct qualitative research studies and making concrete, data-driven recommendations for change based on your findings

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        Opportunities within Management & Marketing   

  • Delivering analysis on marketing research and planning, general personnel management skills such as recruitment, personnel administration and payment systems and provide recommendations on product differentiation strategies

  • Assisting in coordination of various public events and projects presentations for the community service

  • Identifying and evaluating acquisition or partnership opportunities, presenting recommendations to the management team, and negotiating

  • Using quantitative skills and developing strategic decision-making to drive the company businesses

  • Working with computer applications in the business context such as on line databases modeling, testing and updating as well as various spreadsheet developments

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         Opportunities within Journalism, English Writing and Related Majors:    

  • Study subjects, interviewing, filming, and editing media production;

  • Produce different types of media products: documentaries, clips,  presentations, articles, photo reportages and etc.

  • Deliver presentations to audience varying from K12 students to government officials

  • Provide independent on-line research on environmental and water management and related topics

         Click here to learn more about internship positions we have available


Program Specifics

Southern DataStream is not typical internship and visitor environment. It is not the place for you if you seek a traditional company with generous funding and a formal environment. SDS is a small company and it is the organizational umbrella under which Dr. Capece pursues his interests in environmental sustainability, international development, and higher education. This program is not a standard internship, but an opportunity for serious learning experience and exploration of one's potential in a diverse atmosphere with others transitioning to their professional future. SDS internships are full-time positions.

Our projects are ongoing therefore start and end dates are flexible with regard to academic schedules, but you'll be expected to do your full-time internship for at least three months. We want to make sure we provide you a valuable learning experience and a deeper understanding of SDS’s work environment and culture. 

Interns do not serve under the supervision of a person doing exactly the same job.  Instead, students are placed in a position where they must bring their educational experience to a group setting and contribute their own unique expertise to the team. This means being challenged up to the limits of ones knowledge and skills. Dr. Capece provides direction and guidance, but interns have considerable freedom and responsibility to apply their own creative talents and energies to their assignments.  While there is a degree of independence, there is still an expectation of high productivity. As a result students complete internship and get real working experience that helps them progress along their chosen career.  [top]

Intern Social Events

Community Meetings

Working with your supervisor and other interns in your team will enable you to learn about the specific work done by the company. The learning does not stop there though. All interns can attend various local community meetings; learn about different environmental issues and the solutions developed by the company for the region.


SDS provides housing for interns. The cost of the housing is $1500 for the first 2 months of internship. For the rest period, it is provided for free. Living together in a close-knit atmosphere of dormitory houses can have its own benefits and complications. This mix of nationalities and individuals brings with it unforgettable experience and knowledge of other cultures and backgrounds during mutual recreational trips  organized to visit various parts of Florida.      [top]