About Southern DataStream

SDS activities are very diverse as there exists a wide network of partners, including non-profit organizations, engineering businesses, University of Florida, Hendry and Glades County offices, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, etc. One of the major partners, a non-profit organization called Intelligentsia International, Inc. (III) has been running with SDS since 1999 so called SDS/III internship program, utilizing intensive training to graduate students and young professionals in many areas of SDS technical specialization.

Core project of our work and training program is the evaluation of agricultural best management practices (BMPs), with an emphasis on surface and subsurface flow and water quality monitoring, data management, results analysis and scientific reports preparation. In the course of executing these projects, we design, test, fabricate, deploy and maintain custom water flow measurement and sampling instruments including the hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, and information management systems. In addition to the core BMP work, we have been called upon for other hydrological projects such as irrigation water use estimation, water supply planning, river and canal systems storm water modeling, water use permit applications or river channel restoration construction planning and management.

This wide aim is a solid base for providing intensive SDS/III training program to number of junior technical assistants, with an opportunity for meaningful work in a efficient and multidisciplinary environment on tasks that result in operational field systems. Because of the unique talent pool that the SDS/III training program brings to rural Hendry County, we have also been called upon by local government agencies and companies to provide services in other technical areas such as database development, web page management, GIS services, construction logistics management and software tools development.



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